Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I promise

As usual. Tinatrato ko nanaman tong patapon kong blog na to as my hide out, or breathing/escaping zone pwede ding safe place. I'm broke. I'm sad. I'm weak. I can't think about anything but pure irony and bitterness of my life.

I promise to do good in school and gain good fucking grades.
I promise to graduate with excellent flying fucking colors.
I promise to search for a job ASAP.
I promise to strive hard for money and get the fuck out here.
I promise to live alone and only for myself.
I promise to endure the hardships of being alone and independent.
I promise to leave this country and become successful.
I promise to give an enormous amount of fucking money to the person who gave birth to me.
I promise to give credits to that person for sending me to school.
I promise to that person that I'll compensate for everything she did for me.
I promise not to care.
I promise.
I promise.

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