Thursday, March 11, 2010


MARCH 9, 2010
Is one of the most fackeng memorable day of my life
the... PARAMORE !

I strived hard just to see her
and I DID the only problem is
she's PEA SIZED.

this is the most clear pic i captured.
I was jumping my heart out just to see her face....

For some time, we had no choice but
to be contented to watch on the big screen..

I bought the ticket for 1,5bucks plus the transpo food and others
and i would be eating hotdogs until classes has ended
but somehow, it is a little worth it
atleast I had an expirience to hear them LIVE !
For some reason, 3 beses kaming nagpapalit palit ng pwesto
at lahat ng taong nakapaligid samin ay INLISH ISFOKENING
nakakahawa. oh mai jeep